How to do it big in Vegas on a budget!


So, a couple of weeks ago my friend called me to tell me that they were going to Vegas.  I asked them if they were going to any clubs.  They said “yes”, then i asked “Are you on the guest list.”  They told me they didn’t know they could get on the guest list.  Long story short, my friend ended up dropping $150.00 this Memorial Weekend just to get into one club and they had to wait in a long line just to get in.

Well,  I outgrew my clubbing years but that doesn’t mean i can’t share the wealth. I’m here to help you save time and money by giving you some tips on how to live it up in Vegas without breaking the bank this summer.

  1. Get A Promoter.  Promoters are your friends!  You usually see them hanging out in front of the casino entrance giving away drink tickets and wristbands.  Give a second of your time and hear them out.  You don’t have to go to the event but at least you can lock in their phone number so the next time you’re in town you have someone to get you on the list.
  2. Go online to get on the guest list.  If you want to do a pool party, strip club or a night club there’s a list for that.  There are plenty of  promoters online just google it.  For example you can go to and you are automatically on the list just do it before your arrival date and remember there is a female/male ratio.  Females will always get in free and even score free drinks.  Men unfortunately will have to pay or get a discounted rate.  And the only other catch is that the promoters make you visit their choice of venue the first night of your visit the other nights you can choose what club you want to go to.  And for those of you asking does this really work, YES IT DOES, LOL.  I was fortunate enough to see Pharell, Nas and Whiz Khalifa just to name a few.  Just remember to look at the las Vegas events list to see who you want to see so you can sign up for the right club.  For example, you can check this out this link to see who performed this past Memorial weekend
  3. Valet is free is Vegas.  I am still surprised a lot of people don’t know this.  Yes, my dear friends, this is true!  Just make sure you tip.
  4. Free limo rides.  If you and your girls got a bachelorette party coming up, you can get picked up in a limo for free.  Or if you just want to get picked up to go to the club this service is also available especially during the holidays because the taxi service is horrible in the summer.  Take advantage of this free service. is just one of the sites that you can visit for more info.
  5. Don’t pay full price for a hotel.  You can go to and place a bid on a hotel and get it for the fraction of the price.  There is also an express deal option where you can select a hotel for a cheap rate.  The downside is that they don’t give you the name of the hotel.  But there are ways around this. I will create a post in the future about bidding on priceline.
  6. You can see all of the shows for half the price.  Since i don’t club anymore I go to Vegas for the shows.  I am a huge Cirque Du Soliel fan so when i found out i could get tickets at a discounted rate i was ecstatic!  The company is called tix4tonight.  You can only buy tickets directly at the booth.  The booths are located all over the city.  There is one on the strip and one in the fashion mall.  You can also get discounted rates on dinners and buffets.  Or, if you have a friend that lives in Vegas  they can buy the tickets because Las Vegas residents get a huge discount.
  7. Liquor is free when you gamble.  Say What!  Yes, i repeat.  LIQUOR IS FREE WHEN YOU GAMBLE! There is no need to drop crazy amounts of money on alcohol.  If you’re not big at gambling that’s fine.  Just go to the penny machine put in a dollar and wait while the cocktail waitress comes around.  All drinks are free just as long as you are playing.
  8. Watch how much you spend gambling.  We all know Vegas is the land of illusion.  For example, did you know that they paint the ceilings of the casinos to always look like it’s day time inside.  Or, that they pump oxygen into the casino while you gamble.  Better yet, how about this, they never put up clocks so you loose sense of time and they always make sure the carpet is multi-colored so if you drop your chips on the floor and your drunk double whammy for them.  So just be aware.  The goal is to keep your money in your pocket.


I hope these tips help during your next visit to V Town!

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