Tidy Free is the way to be!



I was inspired to pick up “the life-changing magic of tidying up” while shopping at Target.  This book helped me because I wanted to create a more creative and peaceful living space.  I was also tired of feeling drained and unmotivated as soon as i entered my home after a hard days work.  Your home is supposed to be an oasis and mine felt like a big ball of confusion.

Marie Kondo touched on some key points and the main one that stuck with me is to: Keep only those things that speak to your heart.  Then take the plunge and discard all of the rest.   To be honest with you I am a Cancer and that is a very hard step for me.  I can tend to be a little bit of a pack rat.  I treasure everything I come across and attach a memory to it.  So yes I am a little sentimental.  Lol, scratch that I am VERY sentimental.

But today, I cleaned out my closet for the first time and I kept only the things that spoke to me and guess what, I was inspired to start this blog.  In conclusion, I now have a nice and soothing atmosphere where I can channel my creativity.

Have you ever been stuck because of your un-tidy ways.

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