Home Decorating Tips For Free

Decorating your place is a fascinating experience.  It’s like a breathe of fresh air.  When I get in a funky mood it’s usually time to redecorate.  This usually happens because i am seeking something new and i am bored with my living space.  Your place is a reflection of who you are.  If you don’t feel amazing in your home then it’s time for a change.  I know it can be expensive to redecorate so I came up with these free tips to help you get a start on letting your creativity run free.


Here are some tips to help bring your home back to life again.

  • Decorate by re-arranging your furniture.  It will look like you live in a new place and best of all it’s totally free.
  • Place your favorite reading chair next to the window.  Be inspired by the things you see outside.
  • Switch around your throw pillows.  If you don’t have money to buy new ones switch your bedroom pillows with your couch pillows.
  • Add a throw or a blanket over your bed for texture.
  • If you have a garden add some fresh cut flowers in your home.


  • Use your accessories, shoes or bags to redecorate.  For example, drape your favorite necklace over your mirror or place one of your bags near the entryway to add a touch of flare.



I hope you enjoyed a few of my tips.  Decorating will not only bring your more joy but it will also inspire you.

Happy Decorating!


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