Louis Vuitton Speedy

My birthday is here and i decided to treat myself to my first Louis Vuitton Speedy.  I am not one who cares about brands and labels but as i get older i realize that quality is better than quantity.  I want to keep this bag around for years to come.

I usually travel to some far off destination in the summer but this year i wanted to have something tangible that i could really treasure.  I have had my eyes the Speedy bag from Louis Vuitton.


Picture via shopstyle.co.uk

 I first started eying the MCM shopper bag.  This bag goes for $590.  Then I realized that is a lot to spend on a bag when i could just pay the difference and just by an Louis Vuitton.  At least i know that the quality is there.  So, I figured if I drop a little bit more my bag would stand the test of time.  I am not certain that MCM can hold its value.  If I buy an LV I could hand that bag down to my daughter one day or wear it ten years from now.  With that said I decided to buy and LV instead.


Picture via Pinterest: 2016wantlvbags.blogspot.com

This weekend I paid a visit to the Louis Vuitton store on rodeo drive and I had my eyes set out on the Speedy 35 in the Damier Ebene print.  When I got up to the counter i could not make up my mind between the Monogram or the Damier print.  In person i was turned off by the checkered purse because the canvas was wrinkled from it being folded.  But then I decided to walk around to see if i could make up my mind and I decided not to buy it.  I love to wear bright and bold colors and the print would not go well with my everyday wear.   But, the next day I started to think about the bag again.  Now I’m back in the same position.  I am gravitating towards the Monogram print this time around.


Picture via purseblog.com


I have this gut instinct to go ahead and buy the bag and you know what you only live once!  Now I have to make my mind up in buying the 30 or 35.



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