Decorate Your Kitchen With Fruit This Summer

As we all know summer is here.  A great way to celebrate the summer is to indulge in fruit this season.  There are so many fruits that are accessible at this time.  An easy way to switch up your style in the kitchen is to decorate with pineapples, peaches and more!



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Drinking lemonade is one of my favorite pastimes in the summer .  Instead of putting your lemons in the fridge place your lemons in a decorative bowl on the counter as decoration.  Another tropical fruit to decorate with are pineapples.  I love pineapples; they have a cute island vibe about them.



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Another tip!  Before your fruit goes bad, chop it up and throw it in a blender and make a tropical smoothie or parfait.




You can also make a tasty alcoholic beverage.

So remember when you pay a visit to your farmer’s market think about what fruit will go with your decor in your kitchen and who knows you may be inspired to create some amazing mojitos!



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