How To Create An Inspirational Accessory Tray


Looking for a way to dress up your favorite items?

I got the perfect diy project.  I have been looking for a creative and inspirational way to motivate me when i get ready for the day.  I decided to vamp up my accessory tray.  What better way to spark my creativity every morning than to create art out of the things i love.


Before, i would just use my trinket tray to place my jewelry in at the end of the day but i decided to try something different.  I wanted my tray to stand out and make a bold statement.

Follow these quick and easy steps to learn how to recreate this project.

First grab a mirror and use it as a tray.  Any mirror lying around the house will do.  The reflection of the mirror will give your items a luxurious look. Next, grab a trinket tray.  If you don’t have one you can get creative and use what you have.  Now, add your favorite jewelry pieces and organize them to your liking.  Remember presentation is everything.


Next grab your favorite perfume or lotion and put it on display.


For the final step cut a quote from a magazine or a newspaper.  Try to pick something that will brighten your spirit each day.

I hope you enjoyed this quick diy.  More to come. Stay tuned!

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