$5 Vintage Clothing Sale In LA



The $5 Vintage Clothing Sale is going on now! If you are in the LA Area and you love vintage clothing then Runway boutique is the place to be.  They have so many cute items.  I racked up on their $5 sidewalk sale this past Saturday.

I found out about this place a while ago from a friend when Runway Boutique hosted a book signing.  I was driving on La Brea and it dawned on me that the boutique was in the area.  And I had just remembered that they sent me an email about their $5 vintage clothing sale.

RB is tucked away right next to the Good will store and the Sake house.  There is plenty of parking next door.  As you enter the store you can see a plethora of graphic prints and colors.  Each section of clothing has it’s own color theme.

The sales associate was very attentive.  I had a positive experience while trying my items on.  She even checked up with me while i was in the dressing room.

I am very impressed with the clothing selection that was available for only $5.  If I was at any other store in LA one dress alone would be $30.00 easily.

Make sure you visit their website so that you can be added to their mailing list for more upcoming sales.

Today is the last day for the $5 sale. It’s going on from 11-am-8pm.  If you can’t make it today don’t worry.  They usually have sales going on.  But put this store on your “to do list” and just go in and browse.  Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


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