My Visit To Nespresso On Rodeo Drive


Photo: Courtesy of Nespresso Boutique Bar


My birthday was drawing near and I was planning on paying a visit to Rodeo Drive to look for a present.  While I was out and about shopping at Nordstrom’s and I had run into one of the sales reps for Chanel at The Grove.  We ended up chatting  for hours about makeup and food.  She recommended that I pay a visit to the Nespresso store in Beverly Hills.  She also mentioned that most of the Nspresso stores were at Bloomingdale’s but this particular cafe’ was a stand alone store.  I am a coffee lover.  I was so excited I decided to pay a visit.

nespressoPhoto: Courtesy of

As you arrive there is free parking across the street for two hours so you have time to eat and shop around.  When I approached the hostess there was only one other person standing in line so I got called rather quickly.  The hostess mentioned that the bar was the only available seating at the moment and that I would have to wait 20 mins for another seating area.  I told her I didn’t mind sitting at the bar.

The ambiance at Nespresso is very posh and sophisticated.  It gives off that artsy luxurious feel.  I felt like I was back in Europe.

My waitress was such a sweet heart.  She even recommend what to get on the menu because I told her I was a vegetarian (pescatarian to be specific).  I decided to get the broccoli Quiche and the Chocolate Coconut Mocha Frappaccino.  OMG!  They were both amazing.  It was so delicious I decided to save some to take home for later.  Nespresso knows how to add the finishing touches to your meal.  They gave me a piece of chocolate to go with my coffee.



Broccoli Quiche



Chocolate Coconut Mocha Frappuccino


I noticed that Nespresso also sells their coffee machines in the store.  They even have assorted coffee pods that you can “grab and go” for you personal espresso maker at home.  I enjoyed their coffee so much that I will definitely be buying a Nespresso machine for christmas.

After everything was said and done the bill was reasonably low.  I really enjoyed myself.  I will be visiting again soon!

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