I Am Obsessed With Obsesse


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During my recent visit to The Grove I stumbled across something very unique.  In the courtyard there was a portable store called Obsessee.  I saw several girls inside taking pictures with their phones.  It looked like a store on wheels.

Out of curiosity I stopped by to see what was going on.  When I got in line I realized that it was a “Pop Up Shop.”  I reeked with anticipation as I waited to go in next.  They were only letting a few people at a time but the line moved rather quickly.  The rules were displayed on the wall inside. The number one rule was “We Don’t Accept Money, You Pay With Your Social Currency.”


Photo Courtesy of Hollywoodreporter.com


As soon as I got in the store I realized that I had a small amount of battery life left on my phone.  Thank goodness they had a phone charger inside! The representatives that were assisting everyone told us that there was no limit on what you could get.  They had jeans, sunglasses, shoes you name it!  I saw a pair of Keds, a Swatch Watch and a pen that I really liked.  When i picked up the shoes it said I had to do one snap chat, one Instagram  and one Facebook post.  For the pen I only had to do 3 snap chats.

When I was done all I had to do was show the rep. proof of my posts.  They bagged up my items and put them in a free tote bag with the name “Obsessee” on it.  Everything went smoothly.  The only negative was the reception on my phone.  I could barely get one bar so i was having a hard time sending my posts.  Other than that everything ended up working itself out and I even got the last pair of Keds in my size.


Free Swatch Watch from Obsesse



Lipstick Pen from Obsesse



“Original” Picture of My Post


Overall the “Pop Up Shop” is a great concept!  The shop created a buzz and it got people to come together to become more interactive.   Overall, I really enjoyed myself and my “FREE STUFF”.  I hope i run into them again!  Just remember if you see Obsessee in the streets make sure you don’t pass them up!

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