Should I buy an Xbox One S or Playstation 4 Pro?


Xbox One S


Playstation 4 Pro


As a kid I was really big on video games.  I would play non-stop for hours on end.  It was my escape from reality.  Some of my favorite games to play were Castlevania, Zelda, Toe Jam and Earl and Sonic.  Lately, I have been inspired to buy a game console.  I just can’t figure out which one to buy.  I have been more inspired lately to do what feels good and to just go with the flow.  So F it!  I am going to do it!

I guess I stopped playing because the older I got the more I was expected to become more of an “adult” (whatever that means).  Well, I have embraced the fact that I am a kid at heart.  So if I want to play video games on my spare time, so be it.

I am debating on buying an Xbox One S or a Playstation 4 Pro.  This will be my Christmas present to myself!

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