Signs Of Ascension





In the past coming years I have gone through plenty of life changes.  Like shedding extra skin that I don’t need anymore.  For example, I no longer have the same old friends I used to have. I also don’t have the same hobbies or attend the same events that I used to in the past.  To simply put it, I have ascended.  I was lost and I felt like I was going crazy.  But I have changed for the better.  It has been a scary journey but I have learned to accept what is just is.  Everything is working out for me whether I like it or not so I no longer question things.  But during this journey I have gone through some crazy emotional up and downs.

If you are going though the same situation in your life just remember you are not alone.  There are others going through the motions just like you.

Here are some signs that you are ascending.

  1. You change jobs or move locations.
  2. You no longer try to make things happen you just go with the flow.
  3. You stop questioning everything.
  4. You shed relationships that no longer serve you.
  5. You start to focus on things that make you happy.
  6. You stop caring about what others think of you.
  7. You can’t tolerate gossip or drama anymore.

Here is a website where I often go to reflect on the changes in my life.  It keeps me grounded and it shows the list of changes that everyone goes through when they ascend to new heights in their life.

I hope this helps.


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