Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Alt Paris Is Always A Good Idea




I love to test the waters and push boundaries.  But my whole life I have always had someone in my ear telling me you can’t do that or you can’t do this.  Little did I know those people were pushing their insecurities on me.  I didn’t know any better so I listened to them.  I thought they must be right because I didn’t see anyone else around me doing what I had envisioned.

As time went by I got tired of living through someone else’s fears.  I’ve have always wanted to travel to a foreign country by myself.  Everyone kept saying its dangerous and that I can die and get taken.  But I told them that can happen here in the U.S. too.

I learned my lesson from before and i just went for it.  I booked my ticket to Paris and didn’t think twice.  Don’t get me wrong I was scared but  at the same time I thought of all the wonderful experiences I would be gaining in the process.

When I returned home I realized going to Paris was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.  That trip opened up doors for me.  I grew as a person and I gained a great deal of confidence.  In the end there was nothing to be scared about.


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