Eat To Live

Eat To Live

Alt Eat To Live



Eat To Live Don’t Live to Eat! Celebrate yourself by treating your body to delicious and healthy foods.  Be gentle to your body. The food you eat affects you more than you know.  Consuming unhealthy foods results in having bad moods, weight gain, energy depletion, pimples and more.

If you don’t have time to eat your fruits and veggies on a regular basis, blend them.  You still get the benefits of consuming your vitamins in a smoothie.

To get started you can start off with a Super Mean Green Smoothie.

When you watch what you eat you will notice a difference in your body and you will feel and act more radiant.  You will be more in tune with yourself.

Your body is your temple.  You should always treat it like gold.  We have enough struggles and stress to deal with throughout the day.  Why would you put your body through more turmoil.

Next time you go out and treat yourself to a fancy dinner think about treating your body to a healthy tasty treat.

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