Looking For A New Wardrobe, Try LA Sample Sales.

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Did you know that you can grab a sample from one of your favorite designers for a fraction of the price.  Yep, you heard me!  You can get designer items for a steal.  The Sample Sales event is held the last Friday of every month and every Friday during the month of December.  The sale takes place at the New mart and the Cooper building in Downtown LA.

On this day there are numerous amounts of designers that participate during this event.  There are several levels of designers to choose from.

Try to go early in the morning.  The doors open at 7 a.m.  You also want to pack a light snack or eat breakfast before you go because you will be standing and walking all day.

You also want to wear light clothing so that you can try the samples over your clothing.  The show rooms do not have dressing rooms so unless you feel comfortable getting naked in front of a lot of women I suggest that you wear  something that will help you change quickly like biking shorts.

There are usually 12 levels of show rooms.  I usually start at the top floor and work my way down.   And I usually bring a bag so I can carry my items.

Don’t buy too early.  There are a lot of show rooms so you might regret the items you bought as you continue on throughout the day.

Make sure you grab the list of designers that are participating that day.  You can grab the Sample Sales list from here.  The list will also be available in the lobby next to the elevators.

Just remember to have fun keep an open mind and stay hydrated.

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