How To Accessorize Your Outfits

Have you ever felt like your outfit was plain or boring.  Well I have the answer for that.  Accessorize!!!  Wearing an accessory is a critical part of completing your outfit.  With accessories your attire can go from drab to fab in an instant.

You always want to invest in a statement piece such as a gorgeous necklace or a flashy bracelet.  It is your key element to standing out from the crowd.

The key to accessorizing is to not over do it.  Just go with the flow.  Just remember everything does not have to match.  Just have fun with it.

Earrings will stand out especially if you wear them with an updo.  They add a sense of sophistication to your outfit.  You can grab a pair of the earrings in the picture  here.

Wearing a  watch can also help spruce up your threads.  You can use them to dress up your outfit.

You want to make sure that you don’t over accessorize and you don’t want your accessories to over shadow you.

Only wear two accessories at a time.  For example, wear earrings and a watch or a bracelet and some earrings.  Just keep it simple.

And finally one of my favorite things to wear especially if I am having a bad hair day is a scarf.  It adds a vintage twist with minimum effort.

Just remember to experiment and you can’t go wrong!

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