Invest In A Great Pair Of Flats


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Living in LA I am always on the go.  It’s a little hard to stay professional and comfortable at the same time while still trying to look good.  I love the way I look in heels but flip flops are much more convenient but they are a MAJOR NO NO!  Unless you are going to the beach of course.  But with LA being a beach city it’s so easy to fall in the flip flop trap.

If you are trying to exude a certain type of confidence about yourself and you want to spruce up your appearance flip flops yell “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT I AM WEARING!”

You don’t won’t people to get the wrong impression about you.  I know we shouldn’t care about what other people think but at the same time you take a hit to your self esteem if you don’t feel great about what you are wearing.  The whole point of looking good is to build your self esteem not tear it down.

To prevent from looking tacky and out of place you can invest in a great pair of flats.  I always carry a back pair up in my car just in case.

The key to wearing flats is to dress up so you don’t look too casual.  You also want to purchase a color that goes with everything like black.

Nordstrom’s Rack or C21 is a great place to start shopping for your new pair of shoes.

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