Summertime Is Here



Summertime is here!  And it’s here to STAY…  I wish, lol!  We’ll at least it will be here for the next three months.  I know when the new season arrives I like to do some late Spring cleaning.  Or shall I say Summer cleaning… well at least to my closet.

One way I prepare for Summer is by grabbing all my Fall and Winter clothes and placing them towards the back of my closet.  Out of sight out of mind.  I like to have my Summer clothes more visible and available in my  closet.  This helps me cut down on figuring out what to wear and it stops me from buying new items that I don’t need.

Creating a mood board is another way I prepare for the changes ahead.  Hanging a mood board near my closet helps me create amazing outfits for the day and it gives me inspiration.

Need help starting your mood board.  Pinterest is a great way to start if you need some ideas.


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