Chanel Sling Backs


Lately, I have started to investment into my wardrobe and I have had my eye on the Chanel Sling Backs.  I am currently looking for investment pieces.  I can no longer do fast fashion.  I guess it comes with age but it no longer satisfies me.  I used to love to shop at but then I would later realize that someone I knew bought the same outfit that I bought.  I also got tired of the fabric falling apart after one wash in the washer.  I realized an investment in my wardrobe is in investment in myself.


Chanel Sling Backs, new


I have been focusing on a new pair of shoes and I am absolutely in love with the classic Chanel sling backs.  Yes, they are a hefty penny but they have long-term value.  Unfortunately, they do not have the color I want right now but they have the sling backs with the pointy heel.  And they have the sling backs in different colors.

I love that these shoes go with just about anything and they have a classy vintage look about them.  I will definitely be investing in these beauties.


But, I did find a cheaper alternative.  They are made by Vaneli.  They look amazing and I might just invest in these also.

Long story short invest in yourself.  Hold yourself and your items at a higher value.  Life is too and plus you deserve it.

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