Top 5 Items For Traveling


I really love traveling but what I enjoy the most is being comfortable while I travel.  I have an upcoming trip so I thought I would share my top items that I bring while I travel.

My favorite thing to wear when I travel is a big pair of comfy sweat pants.  I like to stay warm while traveling on the plane.  I love the material and the space that sweat pants provide.


  1.  Invest in a great pair of comfy sweats so you can enjoy your travels in style and comfort.  I got these at Nordstrom.

Nike Sweats From Nordstrom


My second item that I love to take is my big MCM bag.  I love it because I can carry a lot of things in it like my sweater, snacks and my neck pillow.  Make sure you don’t pack too much in your bag because it can weigh you down.


2.  You want to make sure you bring a big bag so you can have a lot of room to store your items in.


                                     MCM Shopper Bag


The third item that I bring with me is my iPad.  You can buy one at the Apple store. I got tired of lagging my laptop around everywhere because it is heavy.  And it is a hassle unloading so I invested in iPad.  I love bringing my iPad because instead of carrying all of my magazines and books with me I can download all of them on my iPad.



3.  Carrying an iPad will free up a lot of space for you and give you something to do during down time.


Another key item I like to bring is a big and comfy sweater.  It can get really cold on the plane and if it gets too hot I can always tie my sweater around my waist.  Here is an example of a nice travel sweater.


Open Front Cardigan From Nordstrom


4.  This is an example of a good sweater to wear while headed to the airport.


My last item that I wear is a comfy pair of shoes.  New balance’s are my preference.  They are comfortable and stylish.  They also slip on and off really easily when I have to travel through the metal detector.

New Balance 574’s


5.  New balance’s come in all types of styles and colors and they are extremely comfy.


Those were my  5 top items that I use when I am traveling.  Try incorporating your favorite items into your travels to see what fits you.

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