Packing For Cabo


I am headed to Los Cabos in a couple of days and I am excited!  I have never been before so I am really looking forward to this trip.  Packing for trips can be a drag for me sometimes because I am such a procrastinator.  This time around I told myself that I am going to start packing a week in advance.  I just don’t want to be stuck packing last-minute.

Lately, I have become a minimalist so packing shouldn’t be that difficult.  I am actually going to pack a small suitcase because im just bringing swim suits, dresses and flip-flops.  There is no need to carry along items that I don’t need.  I do this because I save money.  I don’t have to check in my luggage and pay $100.00.  I also save time because I don’t have to wait in the check-in line or baggage claim.

Whenever I am headed to a tropical destination I make sure that I bring my necessities.  The first thing I pack is my swimsuits.  Tip: To maximize your space in your luggage you can wear your bikini top or swimsuit as part of your outfit for the day.

The second item I usually bring is a good cover-up.  I can just grab my cover-up and head out to the pool or the beach.  I love wearing them because I don’t have to go back to my hotel room and change.

Next, I make sure I bring a pair of sneakers just in case I want to go hiking or join a yoga class.  I also need a pair of sneakers for sight-seeing.

For my clothing I usually just pack a pair of shorts and a skirt and a couple of flowy dresses.  I pack light because I know I will buy souvenirs during my stay.

And last but not least I make sure I bring a nice looking makeup bag because it can double as clutch for the evenings.  This saves a lot space in my luggage and I don’t have to pack several purses for my stay.

Please share any tips you may have on packing your luggage.  I would love to hear them!

Happy Travels!


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