Time To Prepare For The Fall


Time to prepare for Fall.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.  I get excited when I start seeing pumpkins, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin spice latte’s… you get the picture, lol.   But it’s pretty much pumpkin season and for me it brings cozy memories.  I also love how the seasons start to change and the days get shorter.

I enjoy buying candles during the Fall season.  Now that the hot weather is fading I can actually enjoy burning a scented candle.  It brings a  sense of warmth to my space.  For me, burning candles creates an amazing and cozy atmosphere.

I recently stopped by the Grove the other day and I went into Anthropologie.  I picked up a Lemon Poppyseed scented candle from Boulangerie.  It smells so amazing.  I really enjoy the oatmeal scented candle that they have also.


Picture from katedecorates.com


During the Fall season I love to look through new catalogs for inspiration for my home.  Remember, it’s in with the old and out with the new.  I also enjoy changing my pillows, adding new rugs and rearranging my furniture.  I usually go for the more earthy and fall colors to change-up the vibe.  Yay, Fall is finally here!


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