My Favorite Items to grab on the go


I am a creature of habit and I am domesticated by nature.  If I could have everything under the sun delivered to my front door I would do that.  But this is the real world so I have to step outside from time to time.

When I do hit the streets I like to grab a few essential items so I don’t get weighed down especially if I am just making a quick trip.

I really love my MCM clutch.  I am so glad it came with my MCM tote bag.  It is such a life saver.  Especially when I go on trips.  It is so handy and convenient and it fits anywhere.

When I head out I usually grab my favorite lipstick, Ruby Woo and a lip gloss from mac.  I always bring my headphones since I love Music.  I have to be prepared just in case I have some down time.

And last but not least I always need a mirror just in case I have some spinach hanging in my teeth lol.  I always have to be presentable.

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