Coffee Table Inspiration


Looking for some coffee table inspiration? Look no further.    I will give you a couple of quick ideas to change-up your center piece.  You can try to replicate this look with the items you already have at home.  If you want to get this look keep on reading.


First off, instead of a coffee table I used an ottoman that I purchased from Target.  What’s great about this ottoman is that you can use it in your entry way, the end of your bed or as a vanity chair.  It’s versatile.


For the fall I added a decorative Polka Dot Pumpkin.  It ties in with my leopard print pillow on my couch.

Next, I added a skull to add a pop of gold to the equation.  I love gold everything!  I got the skull from Target.  It was in the dollar section but it ended up costing $3.00.  I should have grabbed more for my work desk.  I absolutely adore it!

To tie it all in I added a vase of hydrangeas to give it life.  You can add any books or magazines you have lying around the house to create your own color palette.

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