How To Add Life To Your Home


Kyan Krown

I love the outdoors but I love to spend most of my times indoors.  So what better way to bring the outside in by decorating with plants. I love decorating with house plants because they give my home a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.  Below is a cool way you can incorporate  life and color to your home.  I found these cute planters at Ikea.  I think they are adorable because they are pink of course!


Kyan Krown

I love thinking of new ways to add life and change to my space.  It inspires me.  But because of my laid back nature and mindset I forget to take care of my plants.

I forget to water my plants and they eventually end up dying.  So I started investing in succulents.  They are my new go-to plants.

Succulents don’t need much care.  I can go months without watering them and they will still keep pushing on.

I place them in my bathroom, bedroom even outdoors.  I like to place them in my kitchen and living room because that is where I spend most of my time.  I especially like to place them on my desk to spark creativity.

I hope this inspired you to create some amazing ways to decorate your space.

Kyan Krown

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