A Touch Of Gold Soothes My Soul


Kyan Krown

Gold has always been a beautiful color for me.  It resonates with royalty and it brings me joy. This magical color comes from the earth which signifies grounding.

I try to place a touch of gold in my home or office whenever I can because it uplifts my spirit and my mood.  You always want to surround yourself with what makes you happy.

I try to incorporate gold embellishments in my daily wear and accessories like in the picture above.  On the upper left I purchased a beautiful skirt from anthropologie.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I can dress it up or down.  Either or it goes with pretty much anything I am wearing.  The pair of shoes in the left hand corner are a pair of Piagelle’s from Christian Loubitan.  I love blue too so I had to add some contrast.

The gold accessory tray in the middle is from j.crew.  I absolutely love the reflection it gives off.  The gloss to the right is from Mac.  And the iPhone cover was from a vendor in Downtown Los Angeles.  I absolutely adore the gold flakes inside the phone casing.

So as you can see it is so simple to bring in the things you love in a real way while making a statement.  You can see that a touch of gold can sooth your soul.  I would love to hear how you incorporate your favorite color into your everyday lifestyle.

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